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1 deviant said I stayed up till 630am today finishing my final racing game project since last night
1 deviant said Now I'm watching Jurassic Park 2 and preparing to slumber for 1000 years
1 deviant said Advent calendar will be updated tomorrow after work, when I'm actually awake
1 deviant said ...... ...... ...jeff goldblum is a hottie...
No deviants said I also wrote an exam yesterday
No deviants said And worked at noon today
No deviants said And have continued working on my game till posting this
No deviants said Btw I'm still hosting a MYO Nanopteryx contest!! Check my journal!




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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Sharpedo by CreepyJellyfish Gyarados by CreepyJellyfish Phanpy by CreepyJellyfish Espeon by CreepyJellyfish Gengar by CreepyJellyfish Tyrantrum by CreepyJellyfish
I'm a second year student in the BA Game Design program at Sheridan college. Aside from drawing and gaming, I love sewing, snowboarding, collecting figures (especially dragons) and wearing Lolita fashion.
So I was thinking of what I might really like as a gift to myself for the holidays, and I figured what better time to find art of my beautiful Flight Rising dragons???
I just bought a few new babs and I seriously need to show them off, sorry not sorry u^u
And yes, I know I have a Coatl problem.
((( I JUST gened Crimson with current and homgggggggggg I am in love with my ruby beauty )))

~~~Check out my current fav babs~~~
Dragon Lineup by albinosharky
(Dragons from left to right)
Row 1: Cabaret, Auriss, Unnamed
Row 2: Embyr, Crimson, Lush, Libby
Row 3: Aether, Senketsu, Unnamed, Griffon
Row 4: Genome, Aloha, Lleif, Chiffon
Row 5: Ivy, Solstice, Wish, Whisper
Row 6: Unnamed, Kaleido, Tide

Also!! I still need names for a few babs, so I would love to hear suggestions!
I would also love art of my characters or designs made by you! So if anyone is bored and feels like making this shark woman happy, you're free to let your creativity go wild :D


Sharky's 2014 Adoptable Advent Calendar [UPDATED] by albinosharky
Sharky's 2014 Adoptable Advent Calendar [UPDATED]
:star: revamp Welcome to my Adoptable Advent Calendar event! :star: revamp

I'm your host, Sharky, and this is your chance to receive a lovely surprise design throughout the holiday season!
I've made 25 custom designs, most of which aren't on bases and have completely unique lines.

I have created designs of my personal species, including the Nanopteryx, Kirichu, Baoji, Tundrayena, Elemoth and Kericorn, as well as some totally unique adoptables.
The pricing scales with the amount of detail and effort put into each design, and I can assure you that these will be my most lovingly hand crafted, detailed designs yet!

I'd like to give a shout out to the endlessly talented witchpaws, whose Sushi Dog advent calendar inspired me to hold my own event.
Please be sure to check out her calendar throughout December, I'm sure she will have many beautiful designs!

:star: revamp Updates :star: revamp

Dec 15 - I'm back! Sorry for the absence, school was kicking my butt and I needed to focus. I'm working as fast as possible to catch up and get these designs out!

Dec 1 - It has begun! I have posted the first design, a Kirichu called Candy Cane, and linked it in the list below. It's still for sale, so click through to claim!

Nov 21 - So since it's looking like I probably won't sell all of these before the event begins, I'd just like to note that each unsold design will be up for sale on the day it is revealed.
This kind of defeats the purpose of an advent calendar, but what're you gonna do, right? Ah well! I hope those who do buy slots enjoy the surprise :)
On another note, I have updated (and will continue to update) the calendar image with new silhouettes of what were once base adoptables.
All designs will now be totally unique lines!

Nov 20 - Since I'd like to sell as many of these as I can to afford gifts for my family and friends, I've lowered the prices across the board.
I will still be doing extra art for each participant, so please have another look! :)

Nov 19 - I've decided, as an extra incentive, to offer extra art for all participants!
I've added what art you will be eligible for to the pricing codes above the slots, so check it out!


Bell Bullet *Animated* - F2U! Rules and Information Bell Bullet *Animated* - F2U!

Bullet; Yellow Payment via Paypal in USD only
Bullet; Orange No holds on slots, payment must be received within 24 hours of claiming a slot
Bullet; Yellow You may purchase as many slots as you like
Bullet; Orange Once purchased, you will gain all rights to the design you chose, and can give-away/trade/resell it at any point
Bullet; Yellow Each day of December, I will update the calendar with a portrait of the design revealed on that day
Bullet; Orange I will link to the full design in this description when I upload them to my gallery on their respective dates
Bullet; Yellow Please do not complain/comment on pricing, available designs, etc; if you don't like it you don't have to buy it!
Bullet; Orange On the day your adoptable is revealed, I will note you with the full-sized, unwatermarked design for your personal use
Bullet; YellowAside from pricing, please feel free to ask any questions you may have! I hope you all enjoy my event!


:star: revamp Advent Calendar Slots:star: revamp

Price Color Codes:
Silver Square Bullet= $20 $15
Extra Art: 1 pose sketch of your adoptable

Yellow Square Bullet= $40 $25
Extra Art: Flat color/lined image
AND 1 pose sketch

Green Square Bullet = $60 $35
Extra Art: Fully colored/shaded image
AND 3 pose sketches

Purple Square Bullet= $80 $45
Extra Art: Fully colored/shaded image with background
AND 4 pose sketches

Blue Square Bullet= $100 $55
Extra Art: Your choice of 5 pose sketches with:
3 flat color images
OR 2 fully colored/shaded images with/without backgrounds

:star: revamp :star: revamp :star: revamp

 December 1: Kirichu ~ "Candy Cane"
 Price: $45 USD Purple Square Bullet [Status: OPEN]
S2014AAC: December 1st [OPEN] 

 December 2: Nanopteryx ~ "Peace Dove"
 Price: $25 USD Yellow Square Bullet [Owner: LavaCookies]
S2014AAC: December 2nd 

 December 3: Unique Design ~ "Sugar Plum Demon"
 Price: $15 USD Silver Square Bullet [Owner: ultravires]
S2014AAC: December 3rd [CLOSED]

 December 4: Elemoth ~ "Reindeer"
 Price: $25 USD Yellow Square Bullet [Status: OPEN]
S2014AAC: December 4th [OPEN] 

 December 5: Kirichu ~ "Fruit Cake"
 Price: $35 USD Green Square Bullet [Owner: Mythka]
S2014AAC: December 5th [CLOSED]

 December 6: Unique Design ~ "Holly Hog"
 Price: $15 USD Silver Square Bullet [Status: OPEN]
S2014AAC: December 6th [OPEN] 

 December 7: Unique Design ~ "Angel Imp"
 Price: $15 USD Silver Square Bullet [Owner: Oscorix]
S2014AAC: December 7th [CLOSED]

 December 8: Kirichu ~ "Sleigh Bells"  
 Price: $45 USD Purple Square Bullet [Status: OPEN]
S2014AAC: December 8th [OPEN]

 December 9: Unique Design ~ "Snow Pup"
 Price: $15 USD Silver Square Bullet [Owner: ultravires]
S2014AAC: December 9th [CLOSED]

 December 10: Nanopteryx ~ "Ice Dragon"
 Price: $35 USD Green Square Bullet [Owner: DominosCat]
S2014AAC: December 10th [CLOSED] 

 December 11: Kirichu ~ "Winter Night"  
 Price: $55 USD Blue Square Bullet [Status: OPEN]
S2014AAC: December 11th [OPEN] 

 December 12: Nanopteryx ~ "Snow Bird"
 Price: $25 USD Yellow Square Bullet [Status: OPEN]
S2014AAC: December 12th [OPEN] 

 December 13: Unique Design ~ "Dark Forest"
 Price: $45 USD Purple Square Bullet [Owner: ultravires]
S2014AAC: December 13th [CLOSED] 

 December 14: Unique Design ~ "Lucky Bunny"
 Price: $25 USD Yellow Square Bullet [Status: OPEN]
S2014AAC: December 14th [OPEN]

 December 15: Kirichu ~ "Blizzard"  
 Price: $55 USD Blue Square Bullet [Status: OPEN]
S2014AAC: December 15th [OPEN] 

 December 16: Baoji ~ "Jingle Bells"   
 Price: $55 USDBlue Square Bullet [Status: OPEN]

 December 17: Unique Design ~ "Winter Whisp"
 Price: $35 USD Green Square Bullet [Owner: Oscorix]

 December 18: Unique Design ~ "Regal Holiday"
 Price: $25 USD Yellow Square Bullet [Status: OPEN]

 December 19: Kirichu ~ "Bundled Up"
 Price: $35 USD Green Square Bullet [Status: OPEN]

 December 20: Tundrayena ~ "Frost Bite"
 Price: $45 USD Purple Square Bullet [Owner: landlotl]

 December 21: Unique Design ~ "Fawn Dragon"
 Price: $45 USD Purple Square Bullet [Owner: Mangoswirls]

 December 22: Kericorn ~ "Aurora Borealis"  
 Price: $35 USD Green Square Bullet [Status: OPEN]

 December 23: Nanopteryx ~ "Ruby Raptor"
 Price: $15 USD Silver Square Bullet [Status: OPEN]

December 24: Baoji ~ "Holiday Spirit"  
 Price: $55 USD Blue Square Bullet [Owner: grimdark-leijon]

 December 25: Kirichu ~ "Angelic Kirin"  
Price: $55 USD  Blue Square Bullet [Status: OPEN]


:star: revamp Art, designs and species are (c) albinosharky 2014. :star: revamp 
S2014AAC: December 15th [OPEN] by albinosharky
S2014AAC: December 15th [OPEN]
December 15 design for my 2014 Adoptable Advent Calendar!


December 15th
Theme: "Blizzard"
Species: Kirichu
 Price: $55 USD Blue Square Bullet [Status: OPEN]
Character Idea: This creature is a lone traveler of the tundra, a shy Kirichu with a naturally wary personality.
Intricate silver ornaments adorn its body and channel magic energy to its crystalline horns.
Its mane shimmers like sunlight on fresh snow, allowing it to travel unseen, disguised as a blizzard dashing through the snow.


Art, Design and Species (c) albinosharky
S2014AAC: December 14th [OPEN] by albinosharky
S2014AAC: December 14th [OPEN]
December 14 design for my 2014 Adoptable Advent Calendar!


December 14th
Theme: "Lucky Bunny"
Species: Original Design
 Price: $25 USD Yellow Square Bullet [Status: OPEN]
Character Idea: This critter specializes in crafting wreaths from the materials it finds in the winter forests.
Using anything from branches to grass, berries and pinecones, the creativity is strong with this little crafter.
It is said that finding a wreath hung on a tree in the forest means this critter was there, leaving a little luck behind with its art.


Art, Design and Species (c) albinosharky
S2014AAC: December 13th [CLOSED] by albinosharky
S2014AAC: December 13th [CLOSED]
December 13 design for my 2014 Adoptable Advent Calendar!


December 13th
Theme: "Dark Forest"
Species: Dracat (original design)
Owner: ultravires
Character Idea: While most creatures enjoy frolicking in the winter snow, this secretive feline secludes itself in the dark evergreen forests throughout the colder seasons.
Perhaps it never felt the familial warmth of the holidays, or maybe it was gifted one too many lumps of coal, but this kitty can sometimes be a bit of a Scrooge ;)


Art, Design and Species (c) albinosharky


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