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Artist | Student | Digital Art
Sharpedo by CreepyJellyfish Gyarados by CreepyJellyfish Phanpy by CreepyJellyfish Espeon by CreepyJellyfish Gengar by CreepyJellyfish Tyrantrum by CreepyJellyfish
I'm a second year student in the BA Game Design program at Sheridan college. Aside from drawing and gaming, I love sewing, snowboarding, collecting figures (especially dragons) and wearing Lolita fashion.
At first I wasn't gonna do this, but I found my old galleries and laughed my ass off at my old art, so I HAD to share it. Just. Wow.

So I've been on DA since March 19, 2004, when I was 13. I heard about DA from people on Neopets, and came here to share my art and learn how to draw digitally. My first account was OkapiCrazed.
My first deviation was this wacky pencil crayon drawing:
 Xaiiro the Mystic by OkapiCrazed
My first forays into digital art were on Paint, where I usually drew Neopets for myself and my friends, like these:
 Hjaar's new Lupish Look by OkapiCrazedKilala Art Trade by OkapiCrazed
My first tablet-drawn drawing was done in Photoshop 0.7, though I soon switched to CS:
 Dhoni, my new Chari by OkapiCrazed
I started out drawing really light, sketchy drawings that I colored through trial and error, and this was also a time where I used default brushes to make really tacky backgrounds (which, at the time, I thought were really awesome):
 Welcome Home by OkapiCrazedRunning through the outback by OkapiCrazedHjaar by OkapiCrazedMy -late- Greenie V-day Swap by OkapiCrazed

I struggled to "find my style" for many years, and looking back I can actually see bits and pieces of influence from artists that inspired me at the time. Check out my funky attempts at anatomy:
Awee by OkapiCrazedFor Lannah by OkapiCrazedSpring by OkapiCrazedUnfinished by OkapiCrazed

I also began developing personal characters and species, including a fursona:
 New Fursona v.GLK by OkapiCrazedRelish - Reference by OkapiCrazedFloating By by OkapiCrazedThe Dracat by OkapiCrazedXaiiro Ref - 2007 by OkapiCrazedPretty Girls by OkapiCrazedSepia by OkapiCrazed
Eventually I became fond of using clean, crisp lineart, and it became a sort of flag for my art to have clean lines and vibrant colors:
 Sooki contest entry2 by OkapiCrazedCelinox Chibi v2 by OkapiCrazedSnow Tag by OkapiCrazedSubeta Commish - Rei by OkapiCrazed
For a short while I really enjoyed using the pencil tool in Photoshop, and had some fun with colors and pixels:
 Your Brain On Mayo by OkapiCrazedHigh On Bubbles by OkapiCrazed-Buttclings- by OkapiCrazedLilac Dancer by OkapiCrazedOut In The Park by OkapiCrazed

On May 27, 2007 I made my second DA account, Bizcuit. I used the name Bizcuit/Biz online for many years, and really expanded my artistic abilities while using this account.
My first deviation as Biz:
 say hello by Bizcuit

I really pushed myself to add depth and atmosphere to my art, and went through a few phases in my style.
lemoncat in magic shroom land by Bizcuiti taste delicious by Bizcuitkkkkkkita by Bizcuit  fenru flutter by Bizcuitroyal bubbles by Bizcuitanimenorth - design contest by Bizcuitstrawberries by Bizcuitapology by Bizcuitbitches love me by Bizcuitboomkin holdup by Bizcuitstrong as a rose by Bizcuithappy holidays 2008 by Bizcuit

At some point I really pushed my anime style, and made a lot of fan art for prints:
 glitch by Bizcuitnew york girls by Bizcuitcry baby by Bizcuitthe red jedi by Bizcuitunderneath it all by Bizcuitgamer girls by Bizcuitcafe cinnamon by Bizcuitmorrigan by Bizcuitholiday 2010 by Bizcuittagteam girls by Bizcuitcelebration by Bizcuitrainbowlicious by Bizcuit

In 2009 I wanted a fresh start after graduating high school, and created a new alias for myself as Sharky. I also fell in love with sharks, and created my albino shark pal here that my account is named for:
enter sharky by Bizcuitlove or hate by Bizcuitlogos 2011 by Bizcuit

I was still drawing animals as well as people, and my style evolved into something much closer to how I draw today:
 snow flower by Bizcuitit's all down hill from here by Bizcuitmerry mistmas by Bizcuitfawn pink by Bizcuit  sophie ref by Bizcuitundead by Bizcuitlittle surprise by Bizcuit

Aaaaaand finally, my current account albinosharky came along on December 15, 2011.
I was quite into the MLP:FiM fandom and was the lead artist behind Canada's first Brony convention, BronyCAN. A lot of my earlier work on this account is of ponies, and I kind of slowed down in terms of artistic improvement. I hope to keep on moving forward and never settling for less than my best, and all I can do is practice. Here are a few select pieces from my gallery that I feel showcase my development as an artist and a person.
DvD - Cerberus by albinosharkyDashing Through The Snow by albinosharkyHaunted Memories by albinosharkyXimaku by albinosharkySea Breeze by albinosharkySpace Shark by albinosharkySugary Dreams by albinosharkyMidnight Mayhem by albinosharkyAlpaca Rider by albinosharkyMorning Tea by albinosharkyAlteria by albinosharky

Thanks for checking out my DA story! I'm now 23 years old and working toward a bachelor degree in video game design. Art has always been a part of my life, and thanks to the internet I've been able to grow exponentially in many different ways. It's been a long journey as an artist, and as much as DA frustrates me at times, I am grateful that it gave me the opportunity to share my art with all of you lovely people, and for opening my eyes to the vast wonders of art of the many people I admire.


Nanopteryx Customs by albinosharky
Nanopteryx Customs
Two commissioned custom Nanopteryx designs.
Customs are currently closed until I clear my commission list, but once open they will cost $10 each.

Nanopteryx & Art (c) :iconalbinosharky:
Designs are for zigzaggin-goon and Welshen.
Odi the Pumi by albinosharky
Odi the Pumi
Name: Ödi
Breed: Pumi
Height: 38cm / 15"
Weight: 9kg / 22lbs
Age: 3 years
Gender: Male
Orientation: Unknown
Altered: No

Faction: Farm Dogs
Rank: Omega
Family: Ghost (not a blood relative; his Old English Sheepdog mentor, who is owned by the same farmer)
Mate: None

Color: Fawn with darker saddle and mask
Defining Features: Bright brown eyes and puffy ears

Personality: Ödi is a classic farm dog: fully dedicated to his work and his master. He is bright, energetic, and always alert to trouble. He has a tendency to act before he thinks, which can lead him to make mistakes in his haste to do what he thinks is wanted of him. He is eager to learn and takes criticism well, but may be a bit sheltered from having spent his whole life on the farm lands. He is highly affectionate with his sheep and his mentor, Ghost, and is always looking to make new friends. His pure bred lineage is a source of pride, but he is hardly boastful. Ödi loves his work and his friends, and wouldn't dream of living another way, but deep down he has a taste for adventure and longs to explore the world outside his farm land.

Pre-Group History: Ödi was born in Hungary to a well-known breeder, born from a top show dog sire and a veteran sheep herding dam. He was sold as a puppy to a young farmer in Canidale, and was brought up learning how to herd sheep like his ancestors. His mentor, Ghost, is a female Old English Sheepdog, who keeps Ödi close by as she works in order to pass on her extensive knowledge of farm life and sheep behaviour. Ödi has become a talented sheep herder and dedicated worker, and is endlessly loyal to his master and his faction.
Group History: N/A

Kibbles Count: 2

My character for :icondogs-of-canidale: RP group.
Lynx Lines by Sharky [FREE TO USE] by albinosharky
Lynx Lines by Sharky [FREE TO USE]
UPDATE: I've uploaded the 16bit and 8bit .PSD files to my dropbox, so if you're having trouble getting the file try downloading from here: 

EDIT: Some were having trouble opening the file because I use a 16 bit color channel, so I added another 8bit color version of the same lines. Try again if you had troubles!

I whipped up a Lynx and figured I wouldn't do much with it, but it seemed like a good base for adoptables or custom designs!
Feel free to use these lines however you wish. Simply download the .ZIP file, unzip, and open the .PSD file in Photoshop.
If you have any questions feel free to ask!

You are free to make and sell adoptables/designs using this base.
Please credit me or link back to this deviation when used.

Art (c) :iconalbinosharky:


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